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Jan 1, 2009
Need some help. I have a Rem 700 Mountain rifle in .280, been a great rifle, and has killed more deer than anything else in my safe. However, each time I find a new nick in the wood stock, it makes me want to change the stock to a synthetic. I really like the Alaskan Ti stocks.....I believe they are made by Bell and Carson. Has anyone purchased and swapped one out? How was the fit?
I have the same rifle in the same caliber. I have been trying like crazy for the last year to find the laminate version of the 700 mountian stock to replace my wood stock as. As far as I can tell, no one makes the stock (laminate or syn) for anything less than a standard contour bbl . Not sure what kind of bedding nightmare that would be. Good luck, and let me know what you find out. FYI, the Alaskan Ti stock may be a HS Precision, but don't quote me.
Thanks Fireroad.

I have checked the Remington website...its a BC stock. I have also gone to their website (Bell and Carson), and it appears the stock is available for "Mountain rifle". I am going to put a call in and see if I can learn more. I would hate to purchase and find out the barrel is too small for the stock... I guess that is one way to potentially free float!

If you have the time take your stock off and ship it to Joel Russo, he can make you an exact duplicate in the laminate color of your choice. Plus his work is top shelf.

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