Alpha Type 2 308 magazine


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Jun 27, 2004
Alpha Type 2 Magazine / AICS Short Action 308
Item# Type2

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The Alpha Type 2 magazine is constructed to accept (10) ten-rounds of 308/ 7.62x51 NATO ammunition. The Type 2 magazine is designed to be used as an alternative to the AICS/AE series magazine. If your rifle chassis or drop bottom metal ( DBM ) accepts the AI series magazine, the Alpha magazine will interface and funtion as designed for .308 ammo.
This magazine is popular with shooters who use Badger, McRee, XLR, Pacific Tool & Guage, Stealth, CDI metal and many others..
The main advantages of the Alpha Type 2 short action rifle magazine is its compact size and longer internal overall length.
The maximum overall length of the Alpha type 2 magazine is 2.965.