all over now, just got into reloading with a RCBS rockchucker Supreme


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Jan 25, 2010
house is in MN, i am not very often
well, the old lady got that glazed look in her eyes but im excited to finally start reloading. i have a few rifles but mostly concerned with my 7mm RUM. specifically looking for information on loads with a 26" barrel. my speer manual used a 24". i am using sierra gameking 160gn spbt. i bought reloader 22 to start but am new to the process. how many different powders should i try. is retumbo better suited to what im doing?? looking for GOOD rescources online. any help is much appreciated to the new guy
Let me be the first to say "Welcome to LRH". You have started a fire that is self-igniting and all consuming. Great hobby to have. The more you shoot, the more you reload, the more you shoot. :) Won't take the little woman long to figure that out either.
For on-line help I go to; (,,,,,,, and I made a folder under "Favorites" named "Reloading" and copy them all to this folder. I put other stuff in there also, like ballistic tables.
I have never loaded for the 7Rum but plenty of folks on here do. Good luck. JohnnyK.
well it took me a while but ive just finished loading 20 rounds. :) i have to go home next weekend to get the rest of my brass, and then i can finish working up my load. i went in 1 grain increments from 83 - 87. then i plan on breaking it down to 1/10ths after i find the best group. plan on using the round robin method at 100yds(all thats available right now). any other advice to help. should i break the work up loads differently?
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