SOLD/EXPIRED Alexander arms 6.5 Grendel, 24 inch overwatch

I have had a few folks asking
would sell upper with ammo $800.00 shipped to CONUS
18 rounds of AA Ammo, and 20 rounds of wolf, I may have another 20 rounds of wolf also, will look tonight
Just curious why you let this go? I've been thinking of getting one with an 18 - 20 inch barrel.
Alexander arms is killing the cartridge, not letting others play will make it go away in the future, thats the only reason, and ammo is getting silly from them price wise.
I was looking at an upper on Model 1 Sales. They call it the 6.5 Sporter to avoid copywright. Hornady is supposed to be coming out with a Grendel A Max load this year. Alexander Arms offers dies and brass. How did it perform? I'm moving to Alaska and want something with a little more punch in case I happen to call in a wolf. From what I've read I should be able to shoot 5-600 yards with the 6.5. Is that true?