AK-47 Kits, AK-47 Laminated Wood Stocks, & SKS Mags


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Sep 29, 2012
Phila Burbs
Sale Pending on Both AK Kits. SKS Mags are still for sale.

This Ad Runs Several Pages due to restrictions on the quantity of pictures.

I am selling two Romanian G AK-47 Parts Kits. Both kits have matching serial numbers, (not to each other of course).

I do not know anything else about these kits. I do know the previous owner had them for a long time. I am selling these AS IS.

Price for each AK-47 Kit is $375.00 plus Shipping.

If you buy both kits I will include two (2) for FREE unissued AK-47 Laminated Wood Butt Stocks with Butt Plates and three (3) AK-47 Grips with your purchase. Two (2) grips are used Bakelite Grips and one is a USA Grip. These are for sale below with four SKS Mags.

Kit # 1, Serial Number 1982 S – AR1508


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