Dec 11, 2002
I've never taken a shot much past 450 and was wondering if you guys dial up your scopes to the next time zone or just aim waaaay high on shots on the far side of 500? BTW do you use simple duplex reticles or the springfield armory type range compensating devices...
We dial the proper MOA into our scope I use a Wild optical range finder and a standerd scope 8x32 power.
Crow Mag
I think you will find that most dial up for elevation adjustment. There are too many variables to depend on a BDC reticle. They rarely match up in the real world.

For accurate range measurement, get a laser rangefinder. I use a Leica 800 and can recommend this strongly.

Make sure that your scope has accurate and repeatable adjustments. Big magnification is not really necessary. Work up a good load and build a drop table out to the max range you want to hunt. Do lots of practise and enjoy the hunt.

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