AICS 338 Norma Mag mod

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    Mar 12, 2014
    My 338 Lapua CIP AICS mag has not been working out so well for my 338 Norma. The bullet tips are getting smashed. I assume this is from the fact that the shoulder is much further back on the Norma than the Lapua. This allows the case to move forward slamming the bullet tip into the front of the mag. I'm looking for suggestions for creating a new stop in the magazine to fit the 338 Norma case length. I was thinking of two options.
    1. Hammering an new indent line on each side of the magazine to replicate what is already there.
    2. Using JB weld or putty to create an indent on the inside of the case. Don't really have confidence in the JB sticking well enough for a field gun.

    Any ideas?