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Jul 2, 2022
We have hundreds of pictures - these are just from the Zebra - Wildebeest story. We harvested the Zebra and Wildebeest two days after the herd of Wildebeest almost running us over.
The Zebra was a smaller Stallion in the herd and good eating. The picture of the Wildebeest was with me and all our TRACKERS. Shot both with a 325WSM 200gr AB Model 70.
Jill shot the Zebra at about 200 yds rightside quartering to us. Blew the lungs out and did a 360 trun and dropped. I shot the Wildebeest at about 300yds left side quartering away at a walk on the side of a hilly area.. It ran about 200 yds spraying blood everywhere in 4' high grass.
I'm amazed at how nice of a coat is on the Wildebeest. Beautiful color to it. They just always looked dirty to me in the movies. Dang Holly-Wood lol

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Dec 9, 2020
Social Circle, GA
So was most of the meat donated to the group helping you ?
Everything off each animal was put to use. The place we stayed had a big 10' x 14' walkin freezer/fridge. There were our Tracker/meat processors who lived on the property with their families. Heck we were on 10K acres and no other ranch in sight so it was like a little village for the Trackers and Help to live on.
When we harvested an animal -most of the time, could not fit in the 1940 jeep. We would radio the trackers and they would bring an old bigger 6 wheel jeep with a winch and tripod to lift the animal. When they got the animal back we would take out some of the Tender loins/back Straps and have for supper that night. Most of the meat was hung in the Walkin and then saved for the Owner's family, given to the workers or sold to people in the next town. Everything from the hoofs to intestines and bones were cooked up by the trackers/workers on the ranch. Nothing went to waste from any animal. Local people can not hunt so the only meat the get are if they own goats or work on a ranch and get some meat from Hunters
Kudu, Wildebeest, Gemsbuck, Hartebeest, Zebra are pretty big animals and lots of meat. Impala, Bushbuck are smaller like White Tail and also very good eating.