Advertised reticle subtension/magnification inconsistencies


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Feb 26, 2003
Pueblo, CO
I hope i can explain this well enuf not to confuse you guys-- so here goes. A couple years ago i started playing around with calculating magnifications needed to subtend known size targets with an improvised ranging reticle (plex). It's been working pretty good with most scopes, and it's all easy to calculate since reticle subtension should change proportionally with magnification changes, but i've got a question for the guru's here. Sometimes i will refer to the technical pages of some of the catalogs for reference info-- such as reticle subtension/magnification info. The problem is, if it's all based on a simple ratio/proportion formula then the ratio factor of highest to lowest magnification (actual magnification) should equal the ratio factor for the smallest to biggest subtension-- but it doesn't oftentimes-- does anyone know why??

One other question-- how accurate are the magnification #'s on the scope's ocular?

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