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Dec 12, 2007
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This question may have been answered already and if it has I apologize, but I did a search and couldn't find an answer. I would like to know some methods to increase the length of pull of a factory composite stock. Please help! I have to lengthen it about an inch.
The construction inside the butt of the stock can dictate your options. A one inch spacer can be added between the pad and stock, but will need to be profiled. There are slipon-tie-on recoil pads that can add an inch or so. If you have no recoil pad currently you can replace the buttplate with a 1 1/4" recoil pad to add both length and recoil control. There are also adjustable buttplates to be installed but add significant costs.

Here is a Rem 510 22RF single shot bolt we got for $50 at the gun show because someone cut a few inches off the stock.

We drilled and tapped for Weaver mounts.
It has shot .2 moa in a lucky 5 shot group, but averages 1 ~ 1.5 moa @50y.

So we tried to restore it.
We cut the butt square.
We glued on some Walnut to the butt.
We cut the new butt square.
We screwed on a butt plate.
We sanded down the junctions with a belt sander.
It got a coat of poly varnish.

It is not a foam core fiber glass laminate stock, but it is a good visual example of the precision possible with a power miter saw.


Here is a High Tech Specialties stock [Bansner]that has been cut to length with a power miter saw. It is being fitted for a wooden butt plug that will [when epoxied in place] accept the Limbsaver recoil pad mounting screws.
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Just an idea, but have you considered trying a recoil pad? I know for some it has worked good. Food for thought.

Also, lengthening the LOP, to me anyway, seems not near as common as someone wanting to shorten it. I know with a few guns I had where the LOP was too long, I just trained myself to bring it to my shoulder different, then cheek weld and shoulder position. It worked.

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