ADI AR 2218 Powder: Anybody tried it?

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    Dec 28, 2001
    Many here probably know most of the Hogdon powders we use are manufactured by ADI and data can be interchanged between equivalents. Most seem to think this means they are the same.

    For all I know, they might be exactly the same. However, I just picked up Quickload a couple of days ago and noticed the powder property data they have for the ADI powders and the Hogdon equivalents are different.

    In most cases, it's pretty much a six of one, half a dozen of the other--they're so close you could use them interchagably and never know the difference.

    However, this isn't quite the case with AR 2218 and H50BMG. Their properties differ by a fair amount. One can still pretty much use the data interchangably since when loaded to the same pressure the charge weight will be within a couple tenths of a grain....

    So why the hell am I asking if the same load gives the same pressure with either powder? Oh, because Quickload predicts around 110-140 fps more velocity with AR 2218 compared with H50BMG in the 300 RUM, for example, with most bullets--with the same charge weight and same peak pressure. How in the hell does it do that at the same pressure? Area under the curve, baby:


    Same peak pressure, but a lot more total work being done on the bullet.

    Of course that's only if the powder properties in Quickload are correct. And since this certainly sounds too good to be true, that's a "big if." I wouldn't normally dream of ordering powder from some other country, etc, for 10, 25 or even 50 fps.... But well over 100+ fps is hard to ignore. I gotta know!

    So, has anybody actually had a can of this stuff in his hand and tried it? Comparing it to H50BMG would be ideal--same charge should give the same peak pressure. But IF Quickload is correct, the AR 2218 should give you an extra 100 FPS+.

    So if Quickload is full of it, it should be pretty easy to see in a side-by-side test. If Quickload isn't full of it, this powder could be the best thing since sliced bread for big cased magnums. Somebody tell me it's true.... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/wink.gif
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    Jon A, I have not yet used either AR2218 or H50BMG, so I am unable to comment specifically on those two.

    However, I recently discovered that my first tin of AR 2217 is significantly faster burning than the H1000 I had been using over the last 7 years. It appears to be at least 3.0 grains faster than H1000 in my 25/06 AI, and appears to be right on the edge of their 5% lot to lot variation. Brian.
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