ADG .300 WM and 180 TTSX recipe?


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Jan 8, 2022
I have a good friend that just bought ADG brass for his 300WM. He's going to be working up loads with 180 TTSXs. Does anyone use these 2 components together? He's been using IMR4350 with 180 partitions, so I think that's the powder he'll be using. Any input would be appreciated. I use ADG for my 7saum and I know they recommend backing off 10% due to it being thicker.
Correct. I mentioned ADG states to back off 10%. Just looking for actual loads people use with these components. Starting to think my search will be in vain.
MY LOAD! WM 300- LRM primers, H-1000 (79.5) gr, 180 gr SPBT! Mine, not yours, please be safe and reduce for your Rifle! Work up/from reduced 10%+/- . Good Luck
There is a lot of variation from one rifle chamber size to the next. One brass headstamp will NOT have the same post fired capacity in all rifles using the same cartridge. So quesions like this can't return any answers valid to another user.
You don’t say. I work at Ohio Ordnance Works. We make guns. We make barrels. I reload. A lot. I understand all that. What many don’t seem to understand is there are universally good loads. I can load 24.7gr of N140 under a 77gr SMK or Berger OTM and it will shoot lights out in nearly all rifles. Right around 42.0gr of H4350 under a 140ELD will yield good results in most 6.5CMs. Not difficult to understand.
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