Adding turrets to a leupold vx 1


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Jan 29, 2006
Now that I am addicted to this long range shooting, I tend to shy away from my rifles that don't have turreted scopes on them. Cash is tight right now so I can't dump a bunch of money on the scope I would like but I noticed that Leupold can add target turrets or M1 turrets to a vx 1 for around 140$ Anyone around here ever had this done? I am wondering if the adjustments will be repeatable. I read that they come back with 1/4 moa clickable adjustments when you have the turrets added. Do they gut the scope and change the whole adjustment system? The scopes now have 1/2 moa tension adjsutments with no clicks. I am trying to decide if I should have this done to 2 of my vx1 or save my money and buy one of the new vx3's down the road. Thanks in advance for any help.
Not sure if it can be done or not... but either way save your money and buy a scope w/ turrets in a few years. JMHO. Good luck, Mark.
Send ".280 fan" on here a PM. I believe he did exactly what you want to do with success. I believe some of the internals are changed when the M1 turrets are installed.
I have done this with the vx-II. I had leupold install the m1 turrets and they work great. leupold told me that when I get the scope back it has the same adjustment system as the mark 4. we have shot out to 1000 yards with this scope and it has worked just as well as my mark 4 concerning repeatability etc.
Leupold Custom Shop does great work. I've had them put M1 turrets on a VX1 and a VX3. Both are crisp, audible clicks, reliable and repeatable.

The only issue with the VX1 at long range is that you probably have a 3-9 magnification. It works just fine but even at 9x with a small target at long range, the cross hairs might cover-up your target.

If you've got the extra cash, have them install a TMR reticle. It's a finer crosshair than the duplex and the crosshairs don't actually cross. There's a tiny gap. So it won't cover up your target.
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Thanks for the replies. I think I may just give them a try. I have a 4-12 I'll give it a go with. I will post how it turns out.
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