Adapter 1/2" x 28 to 5/8" x 24

Especially when it comes to the Omega 300 and the 36M. I purchased the direct thread 1/2-28 end caps for both but they were a $100.00 bucks each. I picked up the adapter because it was a pain always have to switch out end caps. Now I just leave the 1/2-28 end caps at home. Leave my 5/8-24’s on and use the adapter when I need to. The majority of my rifles are 5/8-24. Only my 5.56 AR’s are 1/2-28.
I recently discovered as a supplier of many styles of thread adapters for suppressors. I have ordered and installed a variety of their adapters now with great results. Wide selection to fit many standard and non standard barrel threads. Prices were reasonable and the machining is precise.
After waiting 265 days for my first silencer to clear, I am relegated to move it from rifle to rifle.