Ackley Improved Pickle Spot

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Jul 20, 2007
The South
As mentioned above; if it is a true AI chamber then you should be able to just run factory ammo through it to fire form. I would test a factory round for a slight “crush fit” to see if it was chambered/headspaced correctly. If it just goes right in with no resistance then I would not try to fire form by shooting factory ammo, you may run into issues with the brass. If you happen to come close to the central Arkansas area in the near future I can hook you up with 100 Remington factory rounds.

From my experience with hydro dies is that I would not recommend one for your scenario. Besides beating the crap out of your press with a hammer, you will still have to fire form the brass due to it not fully forming the brass. My experience was 80-90% after annealing, depending on how hard I wanted to hit the die/press.