Accurize your Vortex BDC and hash mark-based reticles

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    May 2, 2001
    This is pretty cool! Mark from Vortex just sent it over to me.


    Take your shooting confidence to the next level

    Vortex just updated its online Long Range Ballistics Calculator (LRBC) with a new feature that takes its functionality to the next level. Translation - you get exact yardage drop references for each hash of your reticle specific to your rifle and the load you’re pushing through it.

    Work up and print cards for any rifle/load/Vortex riflescope combination. It’s quick, simple and ensures shooters know exactly where their BDC and hash drop references fall.

    BDC Reticles are designed around a general ballistics curve and intended to get hunters and shooters in the kill/hit zone at respective ranges. The new software update ensures you know exactly where each mark is dead on. Using your reticle for holdovers is a fast way to get on target and send rounds down range quickly and efficiently.

    Whether you’re dialing elevation, using your reticle for holdover or doing research to find the perfect load, the Vortex LRBC is an invaluable tool to ensure optimal performance of your shooting equipment.

    To check it out, go to Vortex Optics - Home and click on the LRBC icon.

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    That's really cool - thanks Len.