Accuracy Problems


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Jul 26, 2012
Been having trouble with a "package" savage axis xp for about a year now with accuracy. First it was the mounts coming loose, then it was the scope moving on the rings, I fixed those by using loktite on the screws and double sided tape and sylicone for holding the scope. now accuracy is wandering. sometimes it's right on and after a few shots it takes off all over the place. I was shooting well without a bipod on but it would wander after 6 shots. Help
What kind of scope are you using?. You using handloads? You letting the barrel get hot and continue shooting? If your barrel is a pencil barrel my guess is your shooting a hot barrel and youre getting stringing.
I am using a 3-9x40, I buy store bought ammo, and I didn't notice a hot barrel. I shoot pretty fast, like 20 rounds in an hour. I use a bench rest and put 3 shots within 1/4" of bull then put on the bipod and found it was always going 10 inches left. wasn't sure if it was because of the bipod or the 3 shots before putting on the bipod that was throwing my shots
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