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Dec 7, 2010
Howdy all. I am new to this format. Hope this comes out ok. Does anyone have any experience with a Kimber 8400 Police Tactical in .300 Win Mag? Any information is greatly appreciated regarding accuracy & function in this rifle.
Hi JSMS, welcome to the forum. I don't have any info specific to your question but I wish you luck. You have no doubt been searching for Kimber info and I know that first hand information is hard to find.
Good luck on your quest and again, welcome.
Win405, thanks. No info as yet. Do you have any info on the Savage BA 110 in .300 win. mag? I am looking for an accurate long range gun in my price range. I can pick up a BA 110 for about $1700 but, don't know about function, reliability and accuracy.
Thanks for any help.
JSMS, I know that we have sold 2 of the sav 110ba at the store where I used to work. I know that one was a 338 lapua and it showed outstanding accurracy.
Thats about the limit of my knowledge on the matter but I have a lot of confidence in savage rifles ability to shoot well.
We had a guy bore scope several rifles in the store and what we found was that FNH and Savage barrels were considerably smoother than the remington longrange tacticals we had in stock at the time.
Hope this helps.
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