Accuracy issues w Tac15


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Jan 6, 2008
North east Pa.
I've had this issue before. Pull the bow out In August to shoot it with no changes from previous year, only to find out accuracy has deteriorated. For example, hitting knocks at 30yds to a 6"-8" group at 30yds. This only compounds as range increases. Last time it was extremely worn string stops. That was it. But now, not sure what it is and with it discontinued, not sure what my options are. Does anyone have a checklist I could go down as to what to look for or specific tuning methods that work on the Tac15. I love this bow, when it's shooting well. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Also, is anyone refletching the pse tac arrows themselves w a modern 2 Fletch such as Blazer or Aero?