Accuracy international stocks... Worth the $$$$??

Some folks love them, some folks dislike them. I'm in the club that they feel heavy and the thumbhole doesn't work well...for me.

That said, if you (or anyone) go this route, a friend does some really nice lightening work on them to cut some weight (like at least a full pound).

Nice guy so I imagine he's cheap.

I really like mine. I wouldn't suggest it though if you plan on carrying your rifle for any amount of time.My 6.5x47 with AI stock feels like it weighs more than my trg-42 in 338lm. As far as looks go I think you either love em or hate em. Good Luck.
i run 4 rifles in them and like them a lot. everything stated about weight is true, they are heavy. if you do buy one and do a lot of pack hunting get the 2.0 version that folds, you'll find it fits the pack great (eberly)
I just recently got an AICS(through a trade for scope and blah, blah, blah) and didn`t know what to make of it at first. Yes, it is heavy. Yes, it is uncomfortable if you are not used to it. And Yes, it is *** ugly unless you are into that look.

Having said all of this, I have had a bit of range time with it lately and its growing on me. The weight doesn`t bother me as I am shooting prone. The comfort thing I am still trying to get used to, all of my previous rifles had either TRG or McMillan stocks. I find I have to be exactly in the same position for each shot to stay comfortable, which is good for the consistency of my shooting but could be an issue in the field. I also can`t line up a shot unless my index finger is inside the trigger gaurd, this I don`t like. And as for the looks I still think its ugly as **** but hey, these are just my opinions, all that matters is, if it work for you.

PS. I would highly recommend getting out and trying one or at least handling one before you make the big purchase.
All I can say is, WHY? For that much money and that being the ugliest stock I have ever seen in my whole life, what's the point? What do you gain? Save your money and put it towards your scope budget. Just my opinion.......
this is awesome finaly people who speak it as they feel it. I honestly think that yes they are ugly as ****, and i have'nt had the chance to get my hands on one, really now with all your input dont really want to, im gonna just get a mcmillan I think, i have everything dialed in for as far as the complete rifle and nightforce nxs scope, was just thinking of an upgrade from my tacticAL H-S STOCK
Well, I'll jump in here and go the opposite direction.

My AICS is very much a favorite of mine.

One other thing to concider would be resale. You are dealing with a smaller clientel base than if you needed to sell say a Manners or McMillan stock.
I would go with a Manners over a McMillan. Better stock and lead time.
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