Accuracy International rifles.


Sep 6, 2002
Everett, Washington
New to this Great Board.

Regarding the Accuracy International AWP and AWS rifles chambered in 308 NATO, 300 WM and 338 Lapua Magnum:

Are they often used in Bench Rest competitions?

Are they regarded as Tack Driving accurate in comparisson to the Modern Hot Rodded custom guns of which the Accuracy International prices indicate?

How is the overall Quality of the Accuracy International rifles?

How is the Thumb hole Stock to shoot and hold steady?

Are the Accuracy International actions and barrels regarded on par with the modern Hot Rodded rifles of which are discussed on this board?

Respectfully. Pedro

The shooters on this page use the same rifle for both hunting and targeting correct? If so, would you regard Accuracy International
AW's as more a NATO based military police configuration instead of a precision tolerance weapon of which the action itself would serve as a custom rifle builders platform? Would you regard the Remington PSS 700 action as more accurate and stronger and more apt for custom rifles than the AI action?

I'm gonna try to read between the lines and take a guess at somthing.

You like the "Sniper Style" rifles and you have been to sniper sites where they rave about AI rifles. You also want a rifle you can compete with and hunt with?? I think I may be close. I had the same problem. If I were you here's what I would do. If you have the money to spend on an AI. Here's a way to spend it better.

GO to a good smith. Jerry Rice ( Nor-Cal) George Gardner ( THE Rock rifles ) Pac-Nor Etc.

Get a Rem action trued, blue printed etc. get a heavy barrel fluted, tight tolerance chamber and throat. Get an A2 or A3 stock, Jewell trigger ( adj. from 8 oz to 4.5 lbs ) get an custom break installed ( tactical vent system, Holland etc. ) Get a Leupold 8.5-25 LR ( mil-dot ) or a Nightforce 5.5 - 22 NXS ( mil-dot) get a good set of reloading dies ( Redding ) good brass ( win., Lapua, Norma ) Get some Sierra Match Kings. Go pratice a whole lot and you have a .2's rifle you can probobly compete with and with out a doubt hunt with.

I worked for me !!!!

Thank You for your input.

I had been tormented for 2 years in selecting a Accuracy International or Blaser 93 Tactical chambered in 338 Lapua. What was was mysterious about these high end rifles is I had never seen or heard of them in bench competitions or Smiths ever Hot Rodding them or thier actions. My objective was and still is to try and master one caliber, one optic, one hunting bullet, in one rifle for both hunting and targeting. I finaly settled on a HS Precision 2000 HTR chambered in 300 Remington Ultra magnum containing the HS precision proprietary muzzle Break and 30mm rings and Bases for $1900. I have a US Optics ST-10 10X fixed power with lit mil dot scope on order. I did not want to cut corners as I had done in the past. I hope I made a good choice and do not want to later find out that the Accuracy Internationals and Blaser R93 tacticals chambered in 338 Lapua can do things that the HTR chambered in 300 RUM can't.
I agree with WHYOWHISPER that better to built some ''better'' by a good and skill gunsmith

AI rifle are good but that make lot $$$$$ ( too much ) to get a 1/2 moa rifle for $5000 and more

take the best

NESIKA tactical $1500
PAC NOR barrel $500 ( chambered fitted )
MacMILLAN stock ( no a AI but the best for me ) a A4 full option $750 with bedding
a timney tactical trigger $125
a trigger guard milled steel $300
hight tech coat on metal parts $400
a set of tacticals rings ( Nesika have a rail on the reciver ) $150
a good scope as Leupold M1 Premier $1200

total cost is $4925 for a complete rifle ( built the top parts ) and able to shoot real tight groups and for a cost under the cost of a AI so except to be able to say I am the owner of a AI rifle put money in real accuracy .

AI are good rifle but AI marketing is far better than their rifles .

good shooting


Blazer are perhaps strong but when I look at the lugs system .... I prefer shoot another rifle specialy in big caliber as 338 LM or 416 REM ...

and the parts quality look as a low cost rifles ( cast , plastic molden ... ) at this level of price that a bit sad .I have several shooters friends with Blazer rifle and I feel that this rifle is more nice made on a picture than on the range .

In germany a company built the DRS1 rifle retail price is near 10000$ in FRANCE and a magazine 10 shots ( in pure plastic ) cost 450$ and at this price except a look for the next ALLIEN movie you shoot in the 1/2 moa 3/4 moa .

purchase real and proven accuracy and save money to purchase ammo and reload components .

good shooting

One of the nice features of the true AI's is they are designed to change the barrels in the field. Everything is pre-headspaced and the threads trued so you can change it out with a barrel wrench and drive on with the mission knowing you've still got a 1/2 moa shooter. You can also go from 308 to 300win by switchiung out the tube/bolt. The action is designed to hold about 2 lbs of sand and mud and still cycle and shoot. The stock is just a big arse block of aluminum,,, no flex there.

Like you said,, It's no bench rest rig,, but I've seen a crap load of .5 moa rifles not shoot 2 moa at 1000. For that matter,, I've seen alot of .2moa rifles not shot 2 moa at 1000.(20 shot F class groups guys). I've also never seen a guy walk thru the woods with a 21 lbs rifle,,, but then,, I've never hunted with any of you fella's.

HS makes a fine rifle, and I'm sure you'll like it very much. Get a good recoil pad, and some advil.


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AI Rifles are very nice, but I believe there are better tactical rifles out there.

There is some load data on that was conducted with a 338 lapua mag AI rifle, it lists the group sizes and they are quite good.

Some guys posted a picture on where they had shot the 338 lapua at 1200 yards at a steel plate that showed two 4 inch 3 shot groups. I will try to find the link.

here's the link;f=4;t=000309

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Just Got In.

Thank guys for the input. There seemed to be alot of research and technology gone into both the 338 Lapua Magnum and 300 Remington Ultra Magnum. Here in the state of Washington a shooter must first identify the species of Deer then count horns. For Elk unless one has drawn a rare lottery based Cow or Branched Antlered Bull tag he or she is only is allowed to shoot a Spike Bull with Expanding Bullets of .243 caliber or greater for Modern Rifle. I was very suprised that shooters on this board stated they used match bullets for Deer and Elk hunting. The Washington State rules are also governed by GMU's of which equals Game Management Units. Inturn there exists numerous boundries which the aforementioned special tags apply and if drawn only apply to specific numbered GMU's within the state and are not to be used in other parts of Washington State. Match grade (non expanding) bullets are NOT allowed. In addition the use of noise Suppressors is strictly unlawful to use at all-hunting included. A buddy of mine in Texas has hunted years with noise suppressed rifles. He states that follow up shots are very common. What happens is I must select a caliber above .243 and yeild a high Ballistic Coefficient and a caliber that offers a dedicated expanding Hunting Bullet. LRB offers a 30 caliber 180 grain bullet called the J36 of which yeilds a BC of .677 available as a component/profectile or in loaded ammunition of which has a muzzle velocity of 3400 fps. Using the LRB ballisticator the 180 displayed awesome flat trajectory. While now a NATO accepted cartridge the 338 Lapua Magnum appears to only be available with Match grade bullets hence the basis for me selecting the 300 RUM. It may be time to begin Handloading.....
Question? Who said match bullets are "non-expanding"? Do not confuse Geneva Convention requirements for "full metal jacket non-expanding bullets" with match bullets. Match bullets will expand! In fact some are very quick opening. Read what your exact state law says. Think you will find that match bullets (sierra matchkings) are legal.
Matchkings do expand very well.

I just got back from shooting on the range this morning. I was shooting 1/2" steal targets from 500-1000 yards. I recovered a slug that had hit the steal at 1000 yards. It had expanded very nicely. Except the force was so great that it had lost its core.

Matchkings work!
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