Accubonds Deforming


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Apr 25, 2008
Hey boys,
Anyone else seeing this happen?? Shooting a 338 RUM LSS remington 700 with a muzzle break on and the Federal 225 accubond's are deforming in my magazine.These are brand new right out of the box...Last time I shot them was at a moose in 20 deg Fahrenheit and both tips were deformed.........
I haven't seen any deform, just break clean off.

One in a 225 grain .338, one in a 140 gr 7mm, one in a 180 grain .308.
I have a 300 RUM and I have noticed that happening before in my gun. This is what I found in my case.....I put a shell in the mag and then watched the tip of it as I closed the bolt. Mine was catching the metal in the front of the magazine as it made it's way up and into the chamber. I could see the tip of it hit the metal and when I slammed the bolt shut after a shot the tip of the bullet would break or shear half of it off. I may be way off, but that may be what is happening to your bullets. Just a suggestion.
I have a light 325wsm, and I bend the plastic tips on every bullet in the magazine. The recoil is fast and the shells slide forward and flatten the tips with every shot. My 300rum has no problem, but it is a heavier rifle and the recoil seems slower.
If you have bullets from the same lot that have not been loaded in the rifle check them also. I had a box of 200 grain 30 cal accubonds that some of the tips were deformed as if they were melting like an ice cream cone. About 1/2 the bullets were bad. They shot terrible also.
Another point in favor of the single shot receiver. No pun intended:rolleyes:

Those tips seem pretty solid. I'm surprised that this issue has come to the surface.

I'll be keeping my good eye on this thread.

I talked with Nosler they said they have seen this in the bigger mags but was surprised it was happening with the MB on the rifle. I will post pics later.
I started using the polymer tip bullets nearly 20 yrs ago to stop the deformation of bullet tips in the magazine. Lead tip bullets would flatten terribly. I have always noticed some flattening of the tips on the bullets left in the mag. Old timers used to put a piece of leather in the front of the mag to pad the bullets tips on recoil.

I will be anxious to see your photos.

In my 300 Wby, when I fire a shot with shells in the magazine, I get a slight flattening of the plastic tip on the shells in the magazine. I am using 180 gr Accubonds. Its not severe, but I'll bet it is changing the BC enough that you would see the impact at long range. I have been meaning to try some of these deformed shells at 4 or 500 yds but haven't got around to it yet.
I talked with Nosler they said they have seen this in the bigger mags but was surprised it was happening with the MB on the rifle. I will post pics later.

In all three instances of breakage I have witnessed, the rifles had muzzle brakes.

I have since heard from a friend with a Rem 700 7mm Rem Mag with no brake that he had a tip brake off of a 140 in the magazine last antelope season.

I have shot thousands of ballistic tips and never seen this. Kinda came as a surprise to me.
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