Accubond LR bullets

Not sure on the puff of dust from guides, sometimes people excaudate well more often than not.

Softer metal moving faster will create problems at closer range. The issue with "hunting" is you get a setup assuming your going to make shots from 2-600 yards and the animal runs at you and stops at 50 yards and you shoot him with a nosler balistic tip (which was one of the most accurate bullets to this day) recipe for disaster if your shooting a screaming round. But slow that same bullet at 500 yards on medium sized game she does what she's supposed to. Switch that to a barnes bullet and see the difference with zero expansion when it gets way out there? The article just posted on field and stream is a great illustration on that point.

There is no perfect recipe to many variables - my middle of the road "bullet" is swift scirocco and nosler accubonds with scirocco being all i load for in my weatherby calibers (just my preference). I shoot plenty of accubonds in other things and they do well.

I had a 110 grain accubond split into three large enough pieces for two of them to exit a pronghorn antelope at 74 yards from a 257 weathery the 3rd was recovered and the bullet hit a rib on entry it was a little back not terrible but split a rib and came apart?

Animal was DOA btw - but it made me pause on what i used for calibers that push extreme velocities.
I shoot the 168 LRAB in my 7 WSM, they perk really well. I've used them on elk in my 7 Mashburn Super with fantastic results! Shoot a big bull with them 2 falls ago, how'd they work, they worked great!
Would you be willing to share that 7WSM load?
I’ve only ever seen one failure with an ABLR. That was a 150 in a 7mm-08. We were hunting javelina down in AZ, my dad was using a rifle I gave my mom with a load that I worked up. The javelina were about 220 yards away. I told my dad to hold dead on and he whiffs over the top because he insisted on holding for some drop, not listening to the person that sighted in and worked on the rifle. In all seriousness I haven’t used the ABLR for hunting. The only load I worked up that worked well was for that 7mm-08. Now with the prices where they are I’m reluctant to buy anything Nosler.
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This was a 168 ABLR 7mm at 110yds. First pic is the entry side, no exit. Did not recover the bullet. 2797fps at 100yds.
Second pic is impact area, not the best pic but it wasn’t completely blown apart.


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All bullets can fail...given different shot angles....I've shot critters from neck to hind quarters..and hind quarters to neck..
broadside usually get full in and out penetraion.....just don't hit heavy bones..and if you 'think you did'..shoot the critter again......
I don't practice so much that I believe every single shot is the kill shot...I've seen weird things happen with bullets once they hit the critters...
I concur. The only bullet that won't ever blow up at one speed or another would be a solid bronz like they shoot Cape buffalo with. Bullets with lead core and jackets are supposed to expand, but even the partitioned bullets will shed the front end if you push them fast enough.
What’s the experiences with the accubond LR bullets on elk? I’m shooting a 7mag. Can’t find the 160 accubonds I want to use.
Unfortunately I don’t have experience with elk but have taken multiple muleys, pronghorn, and whitetail at ranges of 75-425 yards with the 175 ABLR’s. Even hit steel beyond a mile with them. Simply the best all around hunting bullet made in my opinion. Bone, shoulder always a complete pass through but exceptional expansion. Plenty of bang flops. I really can’t find one thing I would improve performance wise and it will be my go to bullet for anything in North America. My only gripe is price and availability. I haven’t been able to find any in over a year.
I bought a Sendero 300 Ultra Mag in 1995. I spent months working up different loads with just about every bullets. To make a long story short this gun loves Nosler 180 grain Accubonds with 96 gr Reloaders 25. I ordered a Speed Dial from Kenton Industries to top off the long range Leupold and was ready for elk hunting..(back then Kenton was the only company that I knew that offered a custom turret) Since working up that load it has killed 2 elk over 550, 2 elk over 450 and many between 200 to 400 yards...With over 18 elk kills I have not had one elk that didnt die in his or her tracks or within a few yards....Accubonds are my bullet of choice in all my big game rifles. Im old school and for years shot partitions but this gun hated them....Accubonds have givin me groups that only my Custom Hills Country 280 Ackley can match...Yes it has a great barrel but for a off the shelf gun these bullets shoot amazing and are devastating on elk...No need for the Accubond LR...but Im sure they will be as good...I just bought 15 boxes of Hornady 175 eldx s (only ammo I could find) for my new Fierce 7mm PRC...bought it pretty much to have fun shooting long range but if I decide to leave KABOOM (my 300 ultra) and take it hunting I will be shooting Accubonds.
62.5 RL22 Nosler Brass Fed 215M @ 3.310" Please work up, obviously. Besides length, this load was straight from the Nosler Reloading Data. I do get pressure signs when it's above 95 degrees, but I don't hunt in those temperatures.
What velocity did that load produce with what length barrel?
This was a 168 ABLR 7mm at 110yds. First pic is the entry side, no exit. Did not recover the bullet. 2797fps at 100yds.
Second pic is impact area, not the best pic but it wasn’t completely blown apart.
Did not recover because gutless method and did not look or did it pass through?
Have killed 2 moose at over 500 yards, one at 200 yards and several elk with the 175’s out of a 28 nosler. Excellent bullets. I have been using hammer bullets the past 5 years on everything as they are always available, perform perfectly for me and are really accurate.

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