Accubond LR bullets

I witnessed a pretty extreme "failure" from a 150 grain ABLR on a small whitetail buck. 7mm-08, ~2750 fps MV, ~400 yards.

Buddy had a fairly extreme "miss", and hit the animal in the neck a few inches in front of the shoulder. It grenaded into a million pieces, failed to penetrate even a foot of deer neck, and none of it exited the offside. The deer was instantly lights out, so the shot was a "success", but the bullet performance was startling, particularly considering it was a relatively low impact velocity (~2150 fps) on a soft target...

Ironically, 30 seconds later, I had the opposite experience with a 200 gr Sierra Game King from a 300 Win Mag. Hit right in the pocket, if a little high, double lung, through and through, which dislocated the on side shoulder, but the stupid thing ran 300 yards on three legs...
I've heard of this kinda stuff happening. Any idea when it was? Recently? When they were first released? My son shot a mule deer buck with my 280 AI using those 150 grain ABLR and it was moving zig zagging through the sage. He absolutely t-boned the humerus bone right at the big knuckle with the radius and ulnar transition. It hit with a whopp like I knew exactly where it hit and immediately thought oh no this bullet is going to grenade. These are stepping out of my rifle quick like 3050 fps and the shot was maybe 180 yds. The buck went down immediately. When we walked up you could see the impact shoulder was mush. Much to my surprise it went through the heart and passed through the other shoulder bone with a silver dollar sized exit. When we skinned it bone fragments were falling out all over and the surface blood shot was messy like he was hit by a car. Using the knife like a straight razor most of it shaved off and the main shoulder meat was fine. I don't know if we just got lucky or what? It was bad for sure but no worse than a eld-x or Berger and it was devastatingly lethal. I was going to sell all that ammo as I have 5 boxes for the 280 AI but after that I experience I figured it couldn't get any worse so I kept them. 😅 The neck shot sounds pretty terrible especially at 400 yds. That's down right pathetic to splash like that.
Look at Nosler bullets cut always, it is easy to see the ABLR is thinner than a AB in the front half of the bullet. Thinner jacket in theory should open faster.
I think we all understand that. The issue some of us have had is, for a bonded bullet why the blow ups, or splash impacts. Is it too soft? Is it consistent. I've had no problems but @entoptics has witnessed bullet disintegration. They shoot out of my x-bolt but a lot of folks struggle reloading and finding good consistent accuracy. The OP wants the Accubond but can't find any available, so he's asking about real field results in the Accubond LR. We've killed elk with them and they did textbook work wrecking and shredding with great wound channels. One behind the shoulder hit went up into the opposite shoulder and recovered just underneath the hide. This is a 168 Accubond LR the thin jacket, quick expanding, soft bullet. 276 yds. 7 mag 2900 fps muzzle velocity. Looks darn near perfect. But is this the norm? This is last year's winchester factory ammo. Has Nosler changed the materials and composition make up from earlier models? I don't know. More field results would be nice to see.


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The bullets that he seen with the issues were from 8-9 years ago. I’m not sure if changes have been made. I’m curious as to in the field results.
But no fancy cool polymer tip. That's all that holds it back anymore. Sierra did it with the Game King, Nosler should follow suit. Heck, Nosler hasn't made a bullet in 3 years so doubtful that's gonna happen. Seems like Hornady is the only company producing any bullets that hit the ground.
The bullet on the right is a 175 ABLR at 3115fps at about 30 yards. Chest shot a buck and found this in his hind quarter under the skin. I don’t have any fear of them coming apart or to rapid of expansion.


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