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    Now that I have your attention...

    I hate to post a polical post here but I think there are some things that need to be said.. or at least get off my chest and share with the members here...

    In light of what is happening on the East Coast I am wondering how many of us here contact our congressmen to ask for support in protecting our right to keep and bare arms.

    I feel this is the begining of the end for the hunting sports..

    Katey Curick (sp?) on the Today show has really been missled. She has made some really way of base statments about this sniper. One of the statments comes to mind about the devistating "spinning" bullets the sniper is using... to the general non hunting public they think this is something only sniprs or terrorists use...

    The president of the Human Society said 15 years ago that the wheels are in motion to end hunting and ban firearms.. with the introduction of Wolves here in the west they are depleting our Elk and Deer herds.. soon there will be no need to hunt in order to manage the herds therfore no need to have firearms...

    There are biologists that work for the RMEF that are known to support gun control laws and are in favor of taking away our rights. They are even members of the Sierra Club.

    Every hunter that arrives at our lodge during the hunting season gets a little sentence or two at the end of my welcome speach. In sumnation " When you go home be sure to write your congressmen and let them know how your feel about your right to keep and bare arms." EVERY activist for gun control writes to everyone that will listen to them.

    We as hunters NEED to be heard NOW this is an Election year. We need to be more active in our stand. Remember we would all like to pass this tradition on to our sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters.

    I hope I haven't over stepped my bounderies or offended anyone but we really need to wake up and see that we are loosing this battle.. We need to have a voice and be heard... please take an active stand!!

    Now with this sniper on the loose the general
  2. Tim Behle

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    Mar 16, 2002
    Too late, and I haven't even heard Katie.

    I wrote about the idea of them banning all recreational ( including hunting and target practice ) in the Washington DC area of Maryland.

    Besides, I thought "real snipers" used a .308 bullet. When did they drop down to a .223?
  3. Lee Owens

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    May 28, 2001
    Working for the Federal Government, I get hit up every year for the Combined Federal Campaign fundraiser. I'm giving the NRA 15 bucks a paycheck. Some people bitch about not agreeing with all the NRA's policies, but ya can't have everything. (If we lived in a perfect world, no one would want to take our guns away).
  4. MAX

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    Sep 10, 2001
    What's a wolf look like thru a mil dot reticle?

    I agree that we need to keep up our own pressure on this subject, and no, you didn't step on our toes. Maybe some liberal's but not ours. Maybe you should take the podium more often...

    Unlike the liberal left however(maybe not including FOX), maybe we should get the facts before rendering judgment on this event. It occurs that this may be a terrorist event. I note that the presence of a cop on at least one occasion was no deterrent. Feel free to assault their errors along the way however. Education is our best line of defense, and that would be an offense, not offensive. [​IMG]

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  5. Brent

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    Jun 12, 2001
    Thank God for all you in that area they got them now. The only thing better that brave soul that blocked them in with his tractor and trailer could have done was to take them both by citizens arrest at gunpoint had he been armed at the time. Wow, what a blow that would have been to the anti-gunners movement. It was looking pretty bad at the end, thank God cool heads prevailed so quickly. No doubt new legislation is alredy being written. No more sniper rifles of any kind and you'll be safe, I can hear it now and the money will be pouring in to make it happen too. We're in for a real battle after this. Shame is, they'll be even bolder when they know were all disarmed. But then again we can just declare martial law then. People, that's what they want us to buy. Your millitary is your protection, just not from our own government. Give up your guns and that will be the invitation for invasion.
  6. littletoes

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    Apr 12, 2002
    Think Adolf Hitler did the same thing for the Germans and the Jews somtime back in the early 40's.(Oh yea, and the rest of the World!). Funny how peaple forget. Thought that is why we had to take "History" in school? So we wouldn't make the same mistakes over. Absolute protection by our government, not from it. Didn't work then, scares me now.
    Police snipers have been using the 223 for a long time. Most of their shots are under 70 yards. They are precision shooters, not like the "shooter" in D.C.. I remind all my friends that he is not an actual sniper. Just labed by the press. There wouldn't be any survivors if it was a real sniper. There's fruitcakes out there.

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  7. djdcsi

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    May 19, 2001
    Well, after watching several news channels and their "expert" doctors, ex-generals, ex-S.F., etc., etc., going over anatomy and ballistics classes on the .223, it makes me want to go try one on an elk. Heck, factor in the deadly "high velocity spin"!!
    I was even told that with a 4 power "telescopic sight" you could count every hair on a human head at 200 yd.s, and the GPS that
    he was found with only "multiplied his capabilities"......WHAT!!!
    I think we should have a five day waiting period so these people can check their sh...stuff, before they spew it.

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  8. QuietHunter

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    Sep 19, 2002
    "I think we should have a five day waiting period so these people can check their sh...stuff, before they spew it."

    Best idea I have heard in quite a while.
  9. littletoes

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    Apr 12, 2002
    Now, finally a good idea! Wow, maybe I should get me one of them new fandangled shim banged ultra 223 super mags! All the power, no recoil! And to top it one 'o them laser sighted gps enhanced super sniper son of a gun scopes! Them news folks really know what they're talking about!