Absolute Hammer load data

With AH bullets do you really need to find a whole new powder or can one just go down to the next bullet weight in the book? Specifically looking at 7mm 140gr, should i just use data for the 120gr bullets in the book and work up? Thanks.
I’d look at the Absolute Hammer spreadsheet data for the 140’s, there’s a fair number of entries there, or look at the Hammer Hunter spreadsheet data for the 131’s as a starting point, start low and work up. You could also look at Barnes data as a reference point but focus on the faster burning powders in the data set. Which 7mm cartridge?
I’d also look at data for cartridges with similar case capacity, like 7 wsm, 7 Max, 7 Saum to get you in the ballpark. Likely powders would be H4831SC, H4350, RL23, maybe Hybrid 100V. Start low and work up.
I would use H4831SC, H4350, H1000. Those are single based powders, and aren't so temp sensitivity. There are other powders that have come out here, that are double base powders that aren't a temp sensitivity. Being Wisconsin the temp changes there some.😅
140 AH
26" 1:8
Peterson New 1/8T FCD
Fed 215M
COAL 3.43"
Hybrid 100V
60.0: 3238 ES 21 SD 11 Group .84” @ 100 yards
60.5: 3302 ES 20 SD12 Group 1.01”
61.0: 3332 ES 15 SD 8 Group 1.03”
61.5: 3373 ES 10 SD 7 Group 1.11”
62.0: 3409 ES 9 SD 4 Group 1.27”
No signs of excessive pressure.
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