A Semi Auto Pistol Question

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Dec 9, 2020
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I know that this is LR FORUM.
Which Pistol Manufactures put a "Magazine Disconnect in"
The control mechanism of the Magazine Disconnect prevents a round being fired if the magazine is removed from the pistol and there is still a round in the chamber.
I know years ago the government tried to pass a law that would require all Semo Auto to have a Magazine Disconnect, but it didn't go far. I think that is was about children picking up a pistol and thinking that it was unloaded because of no magazine.
Our of all the Semi Auto pistols we own they do not have it. I think the only one manufacture that does is Browning.
Anybody have a pistol that has a Mag disconnect???

Len & Jill
Ruger has done it. Sig has done it. The case is in court right now, but in CA this has been one of the mandatory features for the handgun roster. I don't know who originally came up with the design idea, but continuing to implement them as a way to make sales in CA might be a motivating factor. Something like one in every eight gun owners lives here and it is a huge market. That is why Glock still makes the Gen 3.
The FiveSeveN were bought for fun for the kids.
For carry have three requirements
No external safety
Hammer drop, carry loaded
So all you worry is Pull point and shoot!