A Remington build question

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    Feb 12, 2012
    I hope this is in the right forum I have been a member for a little while, but I mostly read and dream about what you guys actually do. I have had a rifle built before,but nothing that shoots in the class you guys are talking about. Mine is a 358 Norma mag (not what I originally intended but hey I'm not sad either) I just got dies for it so I'm excited to shoot it in a few weeks.

    Anyway I digress, my brother in law wants to build a as he calls a "precision" rifle which from what I can tell means to him that if it shoots sub moa out to about 400 he would be thrilled. I convinced him to wait because he was going to buy a stock 700 in .308 for 650$ and then have it blue printed and bedded and hope that shot well.

    My questions is I have a Remington 721 action that I had made into a 6mm Remington just for fun. I'm only into it for about 300. Is there any reason why this action would not serve him just as well as a start for building his rifle. He's not looking for a screamer (I think he will stick with .308) and it would save him some money, or at least he could put the money where it could be of some use like a match grade barrel or a stock. Any thoughts am I steering him right or am I crazy?
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    Jan 21, 2010
    Garagegunner, the 721 action is a well built action, and is what eventually became the 700 action, which needs no introduction. It is strong, the tolerances were a little tighter in those days. I know of a few awesome rifles built on that same action.
    Now, FYI, the 721 is a long action, and the 722 is the short action. The one you have is the long action. If you are going to build a 308, that is still fine, but you will have plenty of seating depth allowance with that action. You hardly can't go wrong. If you go with a custom stock, you will have to notch out a little around the safety, as the 721 safety is a little different, and will need a little releif where it sits into the stock. Other than that, go for it!! Enjoy the ride!!!
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    Apr 19, 2011
    your 6mm would be great to 400 if it shoots.. 9 twist IIRC. Should fling everything but the heavies and even some of those ok fine.... Just a thought.