A Problem With ALL Ruger American centerfire rifles

Jason c

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Oct 30, 2021
Conroe, tx
I own several Ruger rifles:
-> stainless 10/22
-> 96/22 magnum lever action rifle
-> Ruger Precision Rifle (6.5 CM)
-> Ruger American Predator (6.5 CM)

I like them all but one has a true problem endemic to the Ruger American design.

While hunting with my RAP I lost cartridges on three different occasions. The problem was that the bolt handle easily moves up and the bolt falls open, extracting the cartridge. I have had this happen two times with my Kifaru Gun Bearer and once just using the rifle sling on my shoulder.

I contacted Ruger and the upshot was that their techs said my rifle design was not at fault and was "safe". But the customer service rep said that Ruger would buy my rifle back at the price I paid for it if I sent it in with the receipt.

Well fat chance that would happen now, after I had purchased their outrageously expensive $45. spare magazine, a Timmy trigger and a Boyd's Classic laminated stock and alloy trigger guard.

So, my alternatives are:
1. See if a gunsmith can do a mechanical fix (which would void any Ruger warranty, natch)
2. Do a "redneck fix" such as tie an elastic loop to the trigger guard and up around the bolt handle but make it so it is fast to remove from the handle.

Potential Ruger American rifle buyers should beware of this problem. Jus' saying'...

Eric B.
I had my rifle blow up it ended up out of battery some how while sighting it in . I set it down adjusted my seat picked it up closed bolt, fired and it exploded taking my thumb and splitting my hand in 2 any suggestions on what I should do


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Jan 28, 2011
Spokane, WA
Don't send it back you'll likely never see it again.

If it's truly not shooter/loader error get a lawyer, plus a qualified gunsmith to evaluate the situation.