A New Rodent to Hunt

They actually trap these and use the fur to make a Nutria Felt for making custom Cowboy Hats, Fedora hats, etc…. Makes a great hat.

Don't know if it's true but several years ago a self proclaimed expert said that he saw a few i nutria in our Lake Murry. Since we haven't had a population explosion I think our expert wasn't a otter expert either.
Gumbo is usually thicker and has more rice than stew, doesn't it? Acoonass I know up here does it that way. It's good whatever it's called.
The gumbo is prepared, then spooned over rice or potato salad in a bowl. The rice is not cooked in the gumbo.
When we cook the rice in the stock and meat adding the rice last, we generally call it a "bog", or atleast us rednecks, country boys, swampers, hillbillies, etc. You get the idea. Ain't seen nobody spit out anything but bones and if they are small enough they are used as toothpicks. Wash it down with your choice of beverage.