A new California ?


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Jun 20, 2019
South Dakota
Hey Bro, You just need to put a slash over the "L" and you have all you need to understand that movement.
Kids have been given everything for nothing and haven't learned you reap what you've sown


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Dec 6, 2012
Just think where they are all gonna be when the government can take care of them any more momma and daddy are gone and the only jobs available are blue collar talk about screwed
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Apr 18, 2020
Just think were they are all gonna be when the government can take care of them any more momma and daddy are gone and the only jobs available are blue collar talk about screwed
Don't think for a second that our enemies of this world ain't thinking the same thing. God knows I hope I'm wrong but I'm afraid we have gone so far of the stupid cliff that that's what it will take to get this country back to where it should be if it's even possible now. I really hope I'm wrong but everytime I think there's a chance they go and prove me wrong by doing something even worse and or more stupid. I'm about as patriotic a person as you'll find and I love my country but I don't like where we are as a country now!

Bill Cauley Jr

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Mar 1, 2016
The bad part is all of this is generational, they don't care if it takes a long period of time. We need to teach our youth how important it is to protect our 2nd ammendment rights. If we neglect this responsibility the next generation or two will give up that right in the name of public safety.
When I was in High School in the 70's we had a rifle or shotgun on the gun rack in the pick up truck at school. Look how things have changed.
We must’ve come from the same time I remember gun racks in every pick up truck I carried a buck 110 pocket knife every day through high school

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