A little hawken work


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Aug 23, 2010
I picked this up many many months ago and did a little more work on it yesterday. This is an ultra rare factory walnut stock from the early 80's during their first few years. CVA pretty much used beechwood, BUT, those early years, they had a limited supply of walnut , and I got super lucky and found one in great shape and decided to talk my time and restore it. I've already browned the 50cal barrel with Laurel mountain forge. I put a nice thick scale on it to cut the glare. A medium height german silver front sight, bedded the trigger and tang. I'll do some polishing on the lock and triggers for a clean crisp break.

Still have to file the nose cap, but with temps being in the ZERO range this week and -15 and night... I'll set it off to the side for a while until it warms up.

Have to remove the butt plate and debur it later down the road.