A Great Kudu Bull


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Dec 7, 2021

Jim and his guide went in search of a Kudu that played hide and seek with them for hours. This nice bull showed. They posit themselves to within 230 yards. One shot from the 30.06 and the 150 Power Hammer Bullet is all it took. He went about 30 feet and died.

Rifle: TS Customs 30.06 Suppressor: Banish 30
Bullet: 150gr Power Hammer
Load: 48.8 gr IMR 8208 Nosler brass, 215 fed primer, velocity 2864 fps
A few decades ago the average response to which cartridge was used wound up being either .270 Win. or .30-06 Springfield for most U.S. hunting. Since then it has tapered off, especially with the advent of the 'newer' super bullets and cartridges. Now though, it appears that there is a minor resurgence of the venerable .30-06 Springfield as hunters and shooters 'rediscover' the significance of this mid-performance cartridge.

This hunt is a case and point, Kudu, one shot and a beautiful trophy.

Congratulations to both the hunter and Hammer Bullets for this success!

That is a gorgeous animal. I would want at least 3/4 mount that.

The recipe used in the 30-06 is certainly tame. I could reach those velocities with a 24" 308 pretty easily. Something tells me this tame load is by design and by someone who is in the know with their equipment and skill.