A few pics from this season

Boyd Heaton

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May 14, 2001
Lock Haven P.A.
Getting things set up the second Monday...Left to Right....Roger,Bruce and Ken...Bruce took a nice 8 point about 2 hours after this pic was taken.Biggest buck he has taken in 30 years of hunting...And his first LR deer.These guys are hooked..
Ken with the buck...Ken picked this deer up over his shoulder and walked across a knee deep creek.Then came back for me.Bad part was I was already wet from wading across to get the buck

Nice memories for you and your group in your pictures.

picked this deer up over his shoulder

Ah...memories. My own first deer was shot when I was in good shape as a high school wrestler. I hunted alone and shot a yearling buck back in the woods. Growing tired of dragging it, I picked it up over my shoulders and carried it about a half mile out of the woods! Of course, now, when I tell the story to my kids, the distance was 5 miles, up hill!

You have memories that will stick with you forever.

When I first came to this area (1962) here in Cameron County, six of us stayed in a converted "Chicken Coop".
It had one light bulb, two bunk beds and one 3/4 bed. Not much room to move around at all.

We killed a lot of game out of that little camp and worked hard in those days to drive deer to watchers. It was an all day hunt of climbing these steep sidehills to begin the drives.
I still remember each of those seasons.

I remember those days of carrying the deer over the shoulder to. Did it many times when I was younger.

Good hunting to all

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