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Jul 25, 2002
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getting into trouble again...

He'll be around eventually.Didn't you get my email the other day?I guess the old board went down eh

I never shot an animal with a MK in my life,but after seeing those BH and DC exit wounds,I'd be 100% comfortable with them.Pop killed a grouse the other day at about 40 yards with a full choke Ithaca 37-Does that qualify as "longerange" hunting?
RO, I did get the email but was away three days in Harrisburg for a photo seminar. After I returned, thought I had sent you a reply, checked it out and I did not.
Last time you emailed I was in Chee Kah Go area fighting off wild dogs. Hear about that one? We rolled into town the day the poor lady was mauled and killed by dogs in the dan ryan wooods within the city limits. Another GOOD reason why that state should allow CCW. In fact, a very GOOD reason why we should have no restrictions on CCW period! There's that little thing called article 2...

LR grouse can work, if he was using a 410...
Wild dogs?!

No,didn't hear that one.
.410?If you can hit a grouse ripping through the air with a .410,you're a better man than me brother!

Will a .410 even reach out to 40 yards?
Whadaya mean?

Never expected to see you over here. Good deal!

Is sheepy around?

BTW, welcome to the Long Range Hunting.

First thing we have to do is get you a roster of the new member initiation fees.

Then we need to get you primed on the benefits of Matchkings for hunting...

And lastly, that you understand why an animal shot at long range is rarely lost compared to those close-up woods hunted deer.


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