A few for sale


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Sep 8, 2015
Remington 700 CDL 300WM extremely low round count. $600

Remington 700 BDL 7mm mag. 70s/80’s rifle with iron sights and see thru rings, Baush & Lomb scope 3-9x40. Rifle is in great shape. Blueing is good and so is the stock. $650

Browning ABolt (not the ABolt3) synthetic/blued. 7wsm. Has honest hunting wear with approx 100 rounds. Has a bushnell 3200 firefly 3-9x50 scope (dent on bell from a buddy tipping it over in a stand). $550

Baikal O/U 20ga 26”bbl. blued/wood. Single trigger. $325

Anderson AR15 w/mlok handguard. Spartan helmet engraved on receiver. Exactly 20 rounds through it. Paid $749 need $575

I’ll be glad to email or text pics. Guns are cross posted and for sale locally as well. Will go by time stamp if needed. Just selling to make room and find a custom. I should be able to ship any of them for $20 bucks CONUS. I’ll pick up any additional shipping.

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