A couple big coyotes


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Sep 18, 2008
Fort McMurray , Alberta , Canada
Here are a couple big coyotes that me and my hunting buddy took this year while deer hunting


me and the big coyote i took with my .410


and heres one my buddy took.

we shot 6 coyotes but these are the only pics we took
Very nice! they have either been eating real good or were smart for awhile till you guys came along in order to be this big. Great shooting!
**** they grow em big way up there in the north. They look really healthy too...I know they're dead...no pun intended.
I've noticed most of the dogs I have seen this year are bigger than normal. Anyone else notice their yotes being bigger this year???
It would seem to me that they are eating more not neccesarily at each setting but possibly more settings, meaning their food source has been available longer-ie any noticeable shortness to last winter or milder last winter? or is it possible there's been less harvesting in recent years? Not my specialty so just speculating.
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