A-Bolt Shotgun

Joel Russo

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Jul 5, 2006
Harrisburg, PA
03A58153-1C47-4BB4-A0F4-66ABE08E9625.jpeg 4EFCEA4B-EC2D-4B4E-9A7C-D6543B135746.jpeg F1264993-8C4F-4251-BDED-20C6BC07E3D1.jpeg 32F1E09F-8003-4056-82BB-EC56E048DDC2.jpeg 607AC5FE-774E-4C9C-A3B6-B0BABB1E15B9.jpeg 50767938-0B46-482B-A998-BF00CD84EAC3.jpeg CDEE0824-2AE2-435F-ACC5-5C0A9B60990E.jpeg I put this package together for a good friend to hunt the Midwest last year. He killed a 174” buck at 208 yards with it. I just built him a 450 Marlin on my action, so this is up for sale.

Fully rifled barrel, 0 moa EGW base, Timney trigger spring kit with the light spring installed. 1.5-2 lb spring installed and set for 2 lb. Comes with new 2-3 lb spring.
A few small scratches on butt from hunting.

Extremely accurate with Remington 385 gr Accutip. Some ammo will go with sale.
Shot this ammo into a hole at 100 yards. I’ll find target and take picture in the next day or so.

$700 plus shipping to your FFL.

No trades and no haggling over price, as it’s priced under the going value to move it.