a BIG thanks to WyoWhisper


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Sep 25, 2002
I requested Ric's help in finding a good reputable guide to take me out west via e-mail a while back. Me being from MD,...I have no experience out west (go figure). Ric took me to an outfitter whom he stated was honest and had quality game. The hook-up he provided was SUPER and the property owner was top shelf. Had I had less people interested in a hunt,..Ric offered to take me on his land. He is a great guy from the limited time I had to meet him,..and I feel his help in pointing a new guy to the right outfitter was heartfelt and honest.

That being said,....Ric,...you have my sincere thanks my friend. Your time is much appreciated. I am sorry I didn;t get back to your booth,..but dad's bum knee cut our visit short.

I'll be in touch.



No problem...and you are welcome. I hope it work out for you. The quality and area that outfitter has is very good for what you want to do in the time you have. You should have a great hunt!

Great to meet you, your father and buddy!

Be sure to keep me updated on what happens.


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