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    I love to load precision ammo, But with tennis racket sized hands the small 22 caliber cartridges have always presented a problem because of there size. Recently I started loading 30 and 36 grain bullets for a 223 AI and the old problems of handling the case and the bullet to get it centered in the die without taking a piece of meat each time it was inserted into the die. These bullets are flat based and difficult to seat straight. In the past because of price, I have just bought 223 ammo and avoided the frustration.

    While complaining about "MY" issues with the little cartridges, My good friend (That also has large hands) told me to try his 223 dies and both of the problems were solved.

    I was very surprised and pleased with this die.

    It not only eliminated the pinching, It started the flat based bullet without problems and after checking them with a concentricity gauge they were all less than.001.

    The window makes it easy to drop a bullet in and with a .224 bore in the moving sleeve, It aligns it perfectly while seating. It requires a # 10 shell holder for the 223 case length for better adjustment. The die can be used for other 22 caliber cartridges with the appropriate shell holder.

    It is apparently not new, but it was to me. when I ordered one it was a back order.

    I just loaded 100 223 AIs with out a single problem and produced concentric ammo in the process.
    So I guess you 'can' teach an old dog new tricks.

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