977 yard hog shot.


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Jan 30, 2007
Granbury, Texas
Setting, South Texas (LaSalle County) hunting cull bucks on the ranch we kill pigs at.

I had got permission from the lease manager to take three of my fellow workers down to thin out their cull bucks, property is 4900 + acres. They killed three does and 10 hogs that weekend, I didn't even take a gun to the field until Sunday morning and shot one of the does. My freind in this story, shot 5 hogs for the weekend.

One of our group went to one of the elevated stands with an old timer of the ranch, (they wanted to test his knowledge of aging deer). This particular stand is a hit or miss in productivity , it sits at an intersection of two senderos and also overlooks a plowed field with a feeder in the field and a feeder down one of the senderos. Deer action was slow but the pigs were out. My friend took out a sow under the feeder in the field (about 200 yards) and then had another sounder come to the other feeder (about 180 yards). In this sounder he observed a pig that appeared to be frothing at the mouth and before he could shoot they spooked and were gone. As they waited til dark a sow with piglets came out at a feeder waaaaay down the sendero (at a tripod bow blind). My friends guide encouraged him to air out his 300 wsm and take out the sow. He was a little apprehensive as One, he couldn't get a consistent reading on the range finder and Two, he had never shot that far. After much more prodding, he lined up on the sow, checked his wind and held off for the shot. As it was getting dark, the 300 WSM hand loads lit up the sendero and his guide excitedly announced "I think you Freaking hit it". Recovering from the recoil, he was able to see the hit and felt that it was good. The other pigs didn't spook, so he got down and headed over to see if he could shoot another. As he kept walking he realized that it was a lot further than he thought, as he had only closed about half the distance and he was still nearly 500 yards out. When his guide caught up to him in the truck, the other pigs busted off the feeder so they went on down and low and behold there lay the sow with a hole right through her head. By the odometer it was .55 miles, later that weekend we lazered it a 977 yards. That is going to be tough to top, but for the long range shooter, we have shots to 1500 yards on known pig trails.

His trophy 977 yard sow

My friend will say that luck played a big part of the shot, maybe, yet he knew his ballistics and we shoot to 300 and 400 yards at the range, so I believe there was skill and confidence in his shooting that played a bigger part in this accomplishment. He also has a turkey kill of 465 yards with his target barreled AR-15. Our previous confirmed long range kill at this ranch was 611 yards on a feral hog. (I got to get a better scope, LOL)
Clean livin' pulls through again!!!!

That's a pretty good poke:) One to be proud of. Practice sure seems to increase the odds.

Congratulations all the way around.

Oh, BTW, where do you scrounge up your shootin/huntin buddies..........Star Wars bar scene?:D
Great shooting by your friend. Thanks for sharing.
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Question...? Did your buddy make a guestimate on the distance before he shot? Did he kind of know it might be between say 800 & 1000 yards before taking the shot? Or did he think it was 500 yards & just held high & then hit at 977....?

I know the 300 WSM is a flat shooting round....but there is a HUGE difference in bullet drop from 500 to 977 yards....especially to make a head shot on a hog. Maybe I misread your post, but I'd say your buddy was extremely lucky.....
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