91/30 Russian PE sniper


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Jun 13, 2007
Wilmington NC
Original Russian PE side mount sniper rifle (Rifle is only original for sure), all matching numbers (except magazine is forced match) and with original bent bolt. Bore is in very good condition.

Scope is either an original Russian PE (worth $2500 or more) or early Ukranian copy. Exact origin is in dispute. Many think it is a replica due to its excellent condition. However, Bruce Dow, the builder of the rifle is a long time Russian 91/30 expert and has original PE and Ukranian copies and says this is an original Russian. Key note is that it had the elevation turret with a set screw set permanently at 400 meters so the turret could not be moved as you can see in the pics. This was only done on original Russian scopes to keep them zeroed and he has never seen or heard of it on a replica. He offered to trade two replicas for it.

Mount is an Accumount as no original Russian side mounts are available any more for less than $2000 plus if you can find one.

Bruce Dow of Dow Arms Room in Dade City, Florida did all the work, retapping the original mount holes etc.

I have not fired it due to neck and shoulder surgeries and no more 30 cals for me.

Would be great shooter for vintage sniper matches.

Comes with set of dies and bunch of Mosin sniper information on tuning and accurizing but keeping in original condition. Either original or replica scope great deal as I have way more than that in it and if you can prove it is original scope you will be ahead big time.

More pics are available if needed.

$1050 shipped to your FFL

email [email protected]

Consider trade and $ for 2018 Nikon Black FX 1000 6-24x FFP only. Open to Mil or MOA


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