8# Norma URP


Dec 27, 2013
Heart of Texas
For those who are not aware, Norma URP is the premium powder version made by Bofors in Sweden whom also supply Alliant with RL16. Some mistakenly believe that it's the other way around. More handloaders seem to be aware that RL15 comes from what is sold as Norma 203B, and RL22 from what is sold as MRP, but the Norma brands are the premium versions that go through higher manufacturing and QC standards.

For data, where there's not a lot for URP except for Hornady and Nosler used it for 115 gr. 6mm CM, you can use RL16 data as a place to start.

I haven't done a lot of posting here, but I have written a number of articles for the Western Powder's blog, and how I'm familiar with the Norma product line. I anticipated adding one or both of the 6mm or 6.5mm Creedmoor rifles, but that plan is on indefinite hold.

Sale price to include shipping and Haz-Mat for the new, 8# unopened, and direct from Norma to Western powders is $350.
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