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Jan 4, 2008
I just bought a 7x57 AI and am hoping someone out there has some experience and loads in this cal. Gun should arrive to me this coming week.

Gun is a 700 action blueprinted with shilen 25" 9 twist barrel and timney trigger. 215 rounds down the tube. Came with a set of dies made to the chamber[RCBS] and 80 once fired Win brass. Walnut stock that I will probably change out.

I will [hopefully] use the gun as a carry wieght all around big game rifle.
I have not decided on glass yet.

Any suggestions on stock choice, powder, expected velocities with 140-160 bullets?

I currently load 160, 168, 180 in my STW and 7RM but have not used anything smaller in .284.

Powders on hand are H1000, 7828, 4831sc, H4350, IMR4350, H380, IMR 3031, viht n150.
All help appreciated
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