7wsm rig


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Feb 12, 2004
I want to put together a 7wsm rig with a total weight of 11 lbs or less. (I have a nightforce NXS so thats 2lbs already
) I plan on a 28" barrel. Would like some input on components. (stock barrel action etc)

I was thinking about rechambering a sendero sf 7saum to the 7wsm.

One side question what kind of barrel life can I expect. (assuming proper cleaning, letting it cool etc) Will be shooting the heavy bullets 176 -180s at around 2800-3000.

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I'm thinkin I'm going to jump into one too.

I think most of it's preferance though, stock, action and barrel...

I'm going to make mine light as possible, a bit different than you're after I think.

I'm going to use an MPI thumbhole stock, a lightened 700 action or an aluminum type if one's available then, and possibly a carbon wrapped barrel, haven't decided on a scope just yet. I might try one of the new NXS's with the R2, 2.5-10x24.
I have been thinking about a 7mm/.270 WSM for quite some time. I asked around and got little feedback except from reed mosser. Now it seems it is in every other post.

This chambering does not work and will be terribly inaccurate. The bullets are hard to get and no one has Norma brass in stock. No one should try it. I recommend a .30-06.
Troy, Trader,

What's your thoughts on necking down 300 wsm brass to keep the donut from moving up in the neck like it would necking up 270 wsm?

Oh yeah, very funny, Troy!
Just a head's up..
..There's a possibility that this one may soon be up for sale.. It's been fun but other projects may over-ride that.. It's probably more in the 14ish# class, tho'.. d:^) JiNC

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