SOLD/EXPIRED 7WSM/338LM switch barrel Surgeon XL

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    May 5, 2011
    I acquired this through a trade. Honestly in my situation it is a little too expensive to shoot. An early orthodontics bill and a brother loosing a job and going through divorce ( sign of the times ).. this rifle doesn't make as much sense as I wish it would.

    Here's the deal

    Built by LSR

    LSR 7WSM (or) 338LM Switch Barrel
    Surgeon XL (30 MOA base built into action )
    Rifles Basix trigger set at 1.5 lbs
    Lapua 338 AI detach mag system (2 mags) Works for both cartridges perfect.
    Adj (thumb wheel)McM A5
    24" Broughton Flutted 1-9 twist 5C ( 2 barrels )
    Shark Break ( threaded 3/4X28 )
    Current 7wsm barrel has 1000 rounds through it. It is good for about 1K more. Second barrel was cut/threaded/chambered at the same time rifle was built with the first barrel 0 rounds.
    Surgeon Action wrench ( to change barrels )
    I can throw in the Barrel Bench Block to change barrels as well

    I also have a 338 LM barrel( Broughton Flutted 10 twist 26" )

    Al you need is the 338 bolt and you are ready to rock with a 338 LM

    I have Redding S type dies and bushings for the 7wsm
    I have set of Forester Dies if you are interested too.

    I have a few hundred 1X fired Win brass and 150 Unfired Win brass for the 7wsm.

    I have 98 pieces of Lapua brass
    I have 100, 250 gr scenars for the lapua

    I have several hundred 176 gr Cauterucios, 150 or so 162 Amax's, Some 168 Bergers, Some 180 bergers.

    I also have a few load recipes that are shooting sub moa and about .5 moa way out there with all the above bullets.

    With the break on it recoils like a .243 Win..

    I was going to keep this rig as it suits me wonderfully well amazingly accurate. However, family and kids are first and it doesn't make sense to have this when the funds are needed somewhere else.

    You can have it all for $4250 Shipped. Do the math it is a freaking steal.
    I'll sell the Rifle with the 2 wsm barrels and everything else ( except the 338 barrel ) for $3850 Shipped

    The Premier and rings might be included (additional cost) if it would make the deal happen. I won't sell the Scope without the rifle being sold.


    GAP, LSR, APA .308 or .260 negotiable

    Surgeon, Stiller Action + cash

    Possibly barreled actions from quality smith. + cash