7stw @ 600+

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Jul 6, 2008
My rifle loves the Rem. factory 140 Core-Lokt.
Anybody have experience with that ammo @ 600 on deer.
I will keep the shots inside 600yds.
If you have some factory Rem. 140s to sell let me know.
I have experience with 500+ yards on antelope with 130 gr .277 core locks.

Devastating. Not 600+ on deer, but close. Yours will be traveling faster and you'll have 10 more grains of awesomeness.

I've used these bullets for over 20 years and have yet to have any kind of a failure. Not the greatest BC, no cool polymer tip, but they work.
I read a bulket test in a outdoor life mag one time and the Core-Lokt won hands down as the all times best bullet. not the best for long range. but a dam good bullet
Just got some more experience with CoreLokt's

Not long range at all, but I took a nice large bodied mulie buck with 270 130 grain at about 150 yards.

Quartering away, bullet entered just behind the last rib, through lungs, through most of the left shoulder and found a mushroomed remnant, guessing about 110 grains of it left in one piece under the hide. Dropped in about 5 yards.

The bullet didn't hit any bones and didn't pass through, but the deer took all the energy transfer. I'm pleased.
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