7PRC loads & velocities

Oh I will. I have to get brass first haha. I have it on backorder with two companies. I have retumbo and RL23 to try with the heaviver bullets and some Staball 6.5 to try with the 160’s.
One of my gunsmith contacts has been getting some really impressive results with the 7 prc. On a 24" barrel with N570/195 EOL's seeing 2930-2940's. On 20" barrel builds with N560/180 VLDH seeing 2850's. That's all on a new broken in barrel with fresh load development. With the right combination of components they're encroaching 28 Nosler speeds with 195's and as good or a little better speeds than a 7 saum still on the short barrel builds. The 7 prc is a very efficient cartridge. Love my 7 saum still, however one of the new 7's may get added to the collection when there's more brass options available.
7mm prc with 20” Benchmark. I’m getting 2877 f/ps


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I wrote down a couple loads on the Hammer reloading thread about the
136 Shock Hammer and 143 Hammer Hunter. I have been using N-560 .
Flip to the last 2 pages. 👍