Discussion in 'Long Range Hunting & Shooting' started by deserthntr, May 22, 2010.

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  1. deserthntr

    deserthntr Active Member

    May 22, 2010
    I am 16 years old and wanting to get a long range rifle of my own. Me and my dad have never had a long range gun but we are real interested in it, I cant afford to get one of the rifles from best of the west, which I wish I could, cause I don’t know much about loads, barrels, all of that. But I would like to get kinda a tutorial from you guys. I want to get a 7mm, and probably just get some custom work done to it, I will shoot bergers vld’s most likely, but just don’t know what I should do or get. I will have to get a factory gun and just do some gunsmithing to it. I will reload and everything so I can spend my summer/ breaks from school to figure it all out, I just need a basis to start out at. I would like to be able to shoot out to 1000 yards accurately, I know I wont be able to do that at first but I would just like the gun to be capable of that. So if you all could give me some info that would be great. thanks
  2. sniperjwt

    sniperjwt Well-Known Member

    Dec 27, 2009
    In my opinion the 7mm is a great choice. As far as what gun well you will have 50 people tell you 50 different things as far as which one they think is best. I dont know how much you have to spend but i will tell you this. Savage makes one of the best rifles from the factory you can get these days. I have one in 300WSM that has had no work done to it, i just put a Choate stock on it and some good handloads and shot a 2.812inch group at 550yards. 16" group at 1000yards. i dont know many other factory guns that can say that. You choose what rifle you want because you will be the one shooting it not any of us. Here is the specs on Savages Long Range Hunter model in 7mm. Go to their website and check it out.

    Rifle details:

    Model: 111 Long Range Hunter
    Series: HunterAccuTrigger: YesSights: Drilled and tapped for scope mountsAccuStock : YesMagazine: hinged floorplateStock material: SyntheticBarrel material: Carbon SteelStock finish: MatteBarrel finish: MatteStock color: BlackBarrel color: BlackAction:Long
    Features:Karsten adjustable comb, Adjustable muzzlebrakeAvailable chamberings:
    SKUCaliber:Rate of
    Cap.:MSRP**:Barrel:Overall:188987MM REM MAG1 in 9.5"26"47.5"8.65 lbs3$934.00
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  3. Gene Jr.

    Gene Jr. Well-Known Member

    Feb 6, 2009
    I suggest buying something you can use now without putting a lot into it but still have something to build off in the future, rem sendero or savage. Get a muzzle brake. Buy good base, rings and glass to start with. Does not have to be NF or higher but the best you can afford. I really like Leupold for the value. Don't be afraid of used stuff.

    If you're set on a 7mm, and that's fine, then I'd recommend one of the short mags or the 7mm rem mag. Not the RUM for a first LR gun.

    Buy the stuff you NEED and then the stuff you WANT. You don't need a level or cosine indicator to get started. You will want one in time. When getting a range finder spend the money for a Leica or Swaro and you'll only need to buy one. I'm on #3 by trying to go cheap and only buying one that was good for as far as I could shoot when I bought it.

    Try to find someone local to help you out. It will make life much easier.

    Best wishes,
  4. jorvin

    jorvin Well-Known Member

    May 13, 2009
    you can't go wrong with any of the 7mm's. take a good look at a savage rifles, great out of the box and you can do all your own gunsmithing with them. it's very easy to change your own barrels, triggers, stocks, anything you like can be done at home
  5. new shooter

    new shooter Well-Known Member

    Mar 19, 2006
    GET A SAVAGE 111 long range hunter it comes with a 26 in. barrel-and it comes with a muzzlebrake. acc. stock acc triger. no outher factory rifle give you this.
  6. Oliveralan

    Oliveralan Well-Known Member

    Sep 15, 2009
    I'm also a 16yr old long range hunter, so we probably have lot of the same problems. Mainly money :D

    I have 2 remington 700s and one savage, out of the box, the savage is great. Mine is a model 116 FLHSS in 300 win mag, then had my gunsmith install a brake.
    Get a savage. Out of the box they are hard to beat. I would say get a long action savage with a varmint contour barrel, restock, use the barrel to practice and shoot it out, then rebarrel to whatever caliber you want. Get one (or more) of those shilen, pacnor, or a douglas/brux from sharpshooter supply. They are prechambered and contoured, $300-450 and you screw it on at home and your good to go.

    As for caliber, since this is your first long range gun, you will want and need to practice, A LOT. I rarely go a week without trigger time, maybe once every 2-3months.
    Therefore, while a fast 7mm sure is cool, it comes at the expense of barrel life. What rifles do you have right now? a .308 is awsome for hunting to 800 (if the wind isnt howling) and practice. Then for a 7mm i personaly love the .284win. Pick whichever one you like, anything that will shoot the 168 or 180 VLD at 2900+ will be pretty freakin awsome.

    shoot me a pm if you need any help, im on lrh a ton and always willing to help when i can.

    Finaly, where are you located? finding another local guy to help show you the ropes is a huge plus. Really improves your learning curve.
  7. 338 LEGEND

    338 LEGEND Well-Known Member

    Jan 1, 2009
    Find a remington 700 in a sendero they shoot great. Some day if you want to have some custom work done the 700 is still the gun that is customized the most. If its made for a gun its made for a remington 700.
  8. blipelt

    blipelt Well-Known Member

    Apr 5, 2008
    Welcome to the addiction. As far as rifle my opinion is the same as above buy a savage and go from there. You can get a B&C stock and have it skim bedded and it will look and shoot great. The weakest links in savage is to replace the recoil lug and pillar and bed the factory stock in my opinion.

  9. silvertip-co

    silvertip-co Well-Known Member

    Jun 20, 2007
    May I suggest you and dad get a Model 70 Black Shadow in 7mm Rem Mag. These guns are plain black steel and stock and come with standard factory 26" barrel and are a great cheap way to get into long range hunting. But they are still a Winchester and shoot like a laser. Usually they run 450.00 to 650.00 online or in gun shops. Good luck.
  10. coyotezapper

    coyotezapper Well-Known Member

    Sep 26, 2009
    How much shooting experience do you have? If not much a 243 or 260 may be a better choice. You will be limited to range with elk with these though. If you have lots of shooting experience go with the 7MM Mag. I have been shooting one since I was 17(31 years). As far as which manufacturer that is a hard one. They are all good. Top two would have to be Rem 700 and Savage. Practice practice!!!!
  11. roninflag

    roninflag Well-Known Member

    Feb 27, 2006
    you can not go wrong with a factory remington sendero in 7mm rm and leup scope. you do not need to load it clear up to start. with 168 berger a 162 amax the bc will do it 2800fps.
  12. 700man

    700man Well-Known Member

    Feb 21, 2008
    Remington Sendero is hard to beat, Look at what the custom guns are made from, Either a Remington 700 or a footprint of a 700. Hope you have fun, glad to see that you and your dad are doing this together, makes for great memories.
  13. deserthntr

    deserthntr Active Member

    May 22, 2010
    ya i have lots of shooting practice, hunting is my life :) i have shot 15 big game animals in 6 years. so i do pretty good, with a 270 with a 3-9 power scope i dumped my last elk at 580 yards, just guessing on hole over. probably should have taken the shot but adrenaline took over when they started to move off. but i made a clean kill shot. so i can shoot fairly well. i am still trying to figure out what to get, but it will probably be, sendero, rem 700, or savage, just from what ive been hearing. thanks for the help to a beginner. i feel welcome here with all your comments and the way you responded so quick. again thanks
  14. GNERGY

    GNERGY Guest

    I started shooting when I was 16 yrs old. I got a job working at krogers making $2.05 hr stocking shelves and packing bags.
    I bought a Mark X mauser action for $59.00 and a 28 inch, 25-06 Mcgowen barrel and made my own stock. I put a Unertl 24X scope on it and a Canjar set trigger and necked down once fired 30-06 military brass because back then the 25-06 was a wildcat cartridge. With Sierra 87gr. bullets it would shoot 1/4 inch 5 shot groups at 100 yds with ease.
    I killed my first groundhog at 373 yds and my farthest one at 550 yds.
    You helped bring back some old memories
    You call yourself deserthntr. Where do you live.