7MM WSM loads-help needed


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Oct 11, 2011
Do any of you have any loads that you like with the 168 bergers. I just got my GA Prec 7 WSM in the typical and would like to try these for hunting. thanks in advance.
In my rifle I use 60grns of 4831sc with the 168 VLD's and it shoots 1/2" consistently.
I also use 64 grains of 4831sc with the 162 A-max and it groups the same if not better.

I will be trying to see how far I can push the berger though. I did try 63 grns of H4831sc in the VLD, but it was not as accurate as the 60grns, more like 3//4 moa.
I need help too. I have a friend who is very happy with the 168 gr Bergers in his 7mm Remginton Mag. I intent to set up for those and 160 Accubonds for elk.

4831 is not going to produce the velocity conducive to long range hunting. It is a single base powder of WWI vintage technology. Yawn. I shot up 12 pounds. It came in a plastic bag inside of a cardboard box. I bought it surplus from Hodgdon's original stock. I'll take up archery before I go back to that stuff.
67.5 grains of H1000 with a CCI 200 or CCI BR2 with a 168 Berger touching the lands will be close to what you need. Expect around 3000 fps.
About the same results as brentc, my 7WSM shot best with 67.5 to 68 gr of H1000 with the Berger Classic Hunter (hybrid) 168 grain bullets, right at 3000 fps. Using Fed 215mag primers.
Work up safely.
H-4831sc, will not get the 168 VLD over 2900 for me, but it has my 162 A-Max's moving at 3020FPS and is extremly accurate with 64 grains and no pressure. However Acurracy falls off if I go any higher. I have taken that load to 780 yards and it holds the accuracy out of my 7WSM. I have taken several antelope with that load.
I've had great results with 4831SC and it HAS produced 3,000+ fps for me and I'm only at 800ft ASL. Here is my load info:

Surgeon 591 7wsm
24" Bartlein 1:9

62.9gr of H4831SC
Avg: 3,032 @ 85*
SD: 5fps/ 7fps
ES: 14fps
3.212" measured off the Ogive

I've shot this load for a while now and it's been verified on steel out to 1,200yds and fur out to 780yds.

I switched from RL22 to 4831SC due to temp issues with the RL22 in the summer time.
I am shooting 64g of 4831 SC in my 7WSM. I went with the 168 Berger Hunting Hybrids. They have shot great and are much easier to work up. Velocity is at 2950 and I am getting 1/2 or less MOA. The BC difference is very samll, I think it is .617 versus .604 and take much less time and effort to develope. I got the load information from Berger and their recommendation was a max load of 64.8g of powder. The best result for me was 64g. If I went towards 65 the groups widened. I am loading them at the lands. By the way, I am shooting at about 700 feet above sea level. Dense humid air.
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